Enjoy the good things in life with our Smiles guide. Enjoy the good things in life with our Smiles guide.
Esso Smiles

Esso Smiles Card, collect points that make you smile

Introducing Esso Smiles Driver Rewards loyalty program. Convert your fuel expenses into points to redeem for numerous rewards.

Sign up for free now at any participating Esso service stations.

Esso Synergy™ Supreme+

Protect that new engine’s feel.

Do you remember the first day you drove this car? The day that the engine active at its full performance. Today you can bring back that same feeling with our new premium fuel Esso Synergy™ Supreme+ that gives double protection and 30% better cleanliness to the engine.

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Esso Diesel

Power Tough Fuel economy.

Power Tough Fuel economy.

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Blue Diamond

Winner announcement. Your new year gifts from Esso.

The campaign: ”Your new year gifts from Esso” prize draw is done! We’re ready to give the 68 prizes to all winners!

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H2O Water Promotion

Refresh yourself with drinking water when you fuel up with Esso.

Get free 1 bottle of 1.5L water when fuel up every 600 Baht.

1 Mar 2021 – 31 Mar 2021.

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Esso Smiles

Turn 10 points into special prize. Get lucky every month!

Exclusively for Esso Smiles members who have registered their cards via Line. Redeem 10 points via Line for a chance to win special prizes at a total value around 200,000 Baht.

From 1 March 2021 – 30 April 2021.

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Esso Smiles

About Esso Smiles

Becoming a member of the Esso Smiles Drivers Rewards programme is easy - from card application, to using the card, as well as to redeeming Smiles points for rewards.

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Esso Smiles

Our partners

Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme partners will give you so many more ways to use your Esso Smiles Points.

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Esso Smiles


Register your Esso Smiles Card and discover more reasons to smile and get more out of your miles.

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